Before consulting the help questions, please review the minimum requirements. Please make sure you have a Flash 8 or above plug-in installed on your machine.

Minimum Client Desktop Configuration:
Processor: Intel Pentium III class processor with 266 MHz or faster
RAM: 64 Mb or greater
Drive System: 100 Mb of available hard disk space
Minimum Operating System: Microsoft 2000 or XP
Minimum Web Browser: Microsoft Internet Explorer v7 or FireFox 2.0
Plug-Ins: Macromedia Flash v8 (or higher) control/plug-in for animation

  The application does not fit on my screen, things seem to be getting cut off . Why?
  Your screen resolution may be set lower than 800 X 600. Go to your desktop and click on "My Computer"-->"Control Panel"-->"Display" and select the "Settings" tab. Change your resolution to 800 X 600 or higher and click "OK". In addition, please make sure your monitor's color settings are 16 bit or higher.
  Other problems are occurring, not allowing me to view this application.
  If you continue to have problems with this application, you may contact our Technical Staff by email at
or call toll-free at 866-376-0218.
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